How 7-4 Peace Started


I have always loved baking and started when I was in high school selling my baked goods at a seasonal local farmers market. As time went by, I still continued to bake and always enjoy seeing people enjoy my baked goods and sweet treats. I envisioned one day owning and operating my own bakery.


Then a new lifestyle changed the way I knew how to bake and eat! I no longer could enjoy my tried and true recipes for cookies, brownies, cakes, etc. Nothing was going to replace the flour I was use to baking with. Or so I thought.


Since going gluten free in 2010 I have been trying to find a great all purpose flour replacement that we could incorporate into our new gluten free lifestyle. After many months of trial and error, I finally discovered the best blend possible to replicate the taste and ease of all purpose flour. My kids love our gluten free bake goods, but the best compliments come from their friends and my friends- they ususally can't tell the difference!


I love to feed the soul with good food and I know being gluten free can make one feel as if they can't enjoy bakegoods-try 7-4 Peace gluten free flour and you will be taken back to how you remember food! 7-4 Peace makes it simple, you make it delicious!







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